Bitcoin. It’s one of those things that would pop up in my BBC news feed every once in a while, stories on crazy geeks mining digital gold, or how bonkers the price swings were soaring to $1,000, then dropping like a stone. Meanwhile at conferences I would be accosted byContinue Reading

If, as the oft-quoted quip goes, men are like fine wine who mature into something one can have dinner with, likewise fine wine can appreciate over time to bring impressive returns for the savvy investor. Two wine investment experts pop the cork on what’s hot and what’s not on theContinue Reading

On June 23rd 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU, but one year on what financial opportunities are open to us? A year ago the UK voted to leave the European Union, which has now been followed up by the invoking of Article 50 by Prime Minister, Theresa May, so theContinue Reading

Looking to add value to your property? Then why not consider these simple home improvements If you are looking to sell your property there are many factors which can add, or detract, from its potential resale value. Adding that little bit extra, whether internally or externally, to make it moreContinue Reading

A growing number of people are looking to the ‘sharing economy’ for income generation, says Gill Wadsworth It was with great fanfare that the government welcomed in tremendous new freedom for pensioners to spend their hard-earned retirement funds as they so wished. It was a shame, however, that the correspondingContinue Reading

Duncan MacRae investigates the pros and cons of investing your money in a period property Would it not be lovely to live the life of a Lord or Lady, in a home where luxury oozes from every crenellation and class drips from the chandeliers? The UK certainly has its fairContinue Reading

Is a private island the perfect antidote to the pressures of modern life? The world is crowded. No matter where one turns you are surrounded by people, and with the global population nudging towards 7.5 billion, and increasing year-on-year, things are unlikely to change anytime soon. It is no smallContinue Reading

There is more nonsense written about gold than any other asset class, says Simon Smith I say that with real conviction because I’ve read a lot of it and experienced it first-hand. Like the time, for example, I was on TV during a time of crisis, and another guest toldContinue Reading