With a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit an increasing possibility, Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions, explains how the property market could be affected. Despite the United Kingdom (UK) voting for Brexit in 2016, the UK property market has been remarkably resilient. The market’s total value has risen year on year, withContinue Reading

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Clichés become clichés for a reason, and so aren’t necessarily to be mistrusted; crowd-sourced knowledge is invariably more accurate than a non-randomised sample size of one could ever be. So, just as there are millions of accurate Wikipedia articles for every one that claims David Beckham used to be anContinue Reading

If you are rich enough or have the right ancestry, staying in the EU after Brexit without changing residency is achievable, says Roger Williams. Despite recent events the UK is still on course to leave the EU this year and UK citizens will lose the rights they have to travel,Continue Reading

Collecting antique and vintage firearms and militaria can not only satisfy our boyhood fascinations, but can make sound investment sense too. Whether the interest stems from a boyhood fascination with firearms and militaria, or a buyer has long coveted a charming pair of guns from the nation’s finest manufacturers, fulfillingContinue Reading

From learning his trade at Rolex to becoming Head Watchmaker at Breitling, Tony Williams’ life in watches now sees him reside as Lead Watchmaker and Head of Technical Development at Watchfinder. Despite the firm’s thoroughly modern approach to the watch market, this British company is not only paving the wayContinue Reading

What’s special about 25-year-old whisky? Sarah Halford looks into the quarter-of-a-century time capsule. Time and tide may tarry for no man or woman but, for whisky drinkers and investors, the tide is at record highs for the vintage dram. The appeal of a vastly aged whisky like a 50-year-old isContinue Reading

After a decade of extraordinary growth, Michael Atkinson explores the recent downturn in classic car values. The Coutts Passion Index tracks the changing values of ‘passion’ assets – assets that reflect the diverse interests of high net worth individuals, such as fine wine, art, watches and jewellery, luxury property andContinue Reading

Stick a pin in any point in history and man will be bargaining over, betraying each other for, working for, dying for, one thing – land. As one American realty billboard read, ’Buy now! They’re not making any more dirt.’ From Mark Twain to Steinbeck’s Mice and Men, there’s noContinue Reading