Hordern Richmond: Introducing The Aerodrome Range

With a nostalgic nod to past times, when things were made to be treasured, and get better with age, Hordern Richmond presents The Aerodrome Range; a unique collection of artisan-crafted, aviation-inspired products. Made in England, in their traditional workshops, each crafted item has been designed to bring a little piece of history back to life and evoke the golden age of aviation.

The Hordern Richmond Aircraft Company was established in 1937 by Frederick Gordon-Lennox, the 9th Duke of Richmond – Goodwood motor racing fame, and flying legend Edmund Hordern. Steeped in aviation history, its name became synonymous with the iconic design and manufacture of Spitfire propellers during World War II.

Under the auspices of the Hercules brand, Hordern Richmond is still closely associated with the manufacture of aircraft propellers for vintage aircraft. Excitingly, Hordern Richmond’s illustrious history of innovative design, intuitive engineering and fine craftsmanship extends into the newly launched Aerodrome Range, brought together by a collective of outstanding expertise, from traditional leather workers to precision wood and metal machinists.

The Aerodrome Range is an array of aviation-inspired gifts made in the company’s workshops. The hero of the collection is the exclusive Spitfire Pen, which is made from an original WWII Spitfire propeller blade, seasoned by time in the air during one of the most poignant and emotive periods in our history. Oh, the stories it could tell…